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Billbitcoins: Bringing Cryptocurrency Closer to E-Commerce

Bitcoin in mini shopping cart - online shopping concept

Credit card payments are no longer the hottest trend on the market. What many merchants are currently exploring are cryptocurrency payments.

Bakkt Stabbed: Investment Fund Delays Launch

A bitcoin is stabbed by a dagger.

Crypto investment fund Bakkt, created by operators of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), announced today it will launch on January 24, 2019 – more than a month later than previously scheduled.

The news comes as bitcoin prices continue to fall, leaving some wondering if Bakkt is having second thoughts.

Survey: 9 in 10 Brits Have Heard About Bitcoin

A pile of Bitcoin coins stands on the flag of Britain

The United Kingdom is familiar with Bitcoin. Not only that but one in five Brits also believes that the cryptocurrency will become as common as cash or cards in the future. These are the most important findings of a recent survey conducted by YouGov. The professional polling organisation wanted to know how the British feel towards alternative means of payment. And the results indicate that the Brits are quite well informed.

US Museum Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Entrance Fees


Museums are special places for education, entertainment and information. They shape generations by opening minds, forming artistic tastes and encouraging curiosity and the pursuit of scientific discovery. It is no surprise, then, that museums are also promoters of new technologies and inventions. The Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland has taken such a step forward. The museum and educational facility started accepting the payment of admission fees in Bitcoin on November 13.

From Trezor CEO to Casa’s Head of Strategy: How Alena Vranova Is Disrupting the Crypto Wallet Space

An image of Alena next to Trezor logo, Satoshi Lab logo and Casa logo

For this instalment of Women in Crypto, we chat to the former CEO of Trezor Wallet, Alena Vranova. We discover what it was like to be a part of the first hardware wallet and how Alena contributed to the wallet’s success.

Continuing to make waves in the crypto space, we discover Alena’s newest venture Casa, which is making the complex world of multi-signatures easy.

Is Halal Currency the Next Big Thing? Here’s Why 1.6 Billion Muslims Care

A mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia, catches the sunset.

Crypto firm X8Currency recently received Shari’a certification from Islamic scholars ahead of expansion into the Middle East.

The Swiss-based company calls itself “the ultimate safe haven for crypto investors,” and its X8X utility token was well-received in Europe. Now, X8Currency is keen to bring its services to an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.

From Business School Drop-Out to Crypto Millionaire: the Story of Rupert Hackett (Part I)


BTC Corp.’s Rupert Hackett recently spoke with Jordan Michaelides of Neuralle.com about regulation, mob mentality and… eating stingray? This article is first in a two-part series about the podcast.

How Bitcoin Babe Overcame the Worst to Become Australia’s Top Trader

An image of Bitcoin Babe next to the words Bitcoin Babe

This week on Women in Crypto, we sit down with Michaela Juric (aka Bitcoin Babe) and learn about how she overcame adversity on her journey to the top.

Opening up about her struggles with mental illness as a young adult, we gain a rare insight into how the 24 year old became the number one Bitcoin trader.

Bitcoin Cash’s Latest Hard Fork

A path in the woods splits in multiple directions.

On November 15th, Bitcoin Cash underwent its latest hard fork separating the network into two different blockchains.

Planting the Crypto Seeds of Good

Sprout growing out of concrete

As recent fundraiser for Michael Rogers – aka “Trolley Man” – shows, it’s no doubt how powerful platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe can be.

However, for some, these centralised platforms are not always accessible – something that crypto platform Seeds is working to address.