Art (r)evolution will be an unconventional art exhibition in France – at least as unconventional as its central topic: celebrating ten years since the invention of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The exhibition will take place between September 28 and October 5 on 15 Avenue de Messine in Paris.

Celebrating Bitcoin with Art – a New Cultural Revolution

Bitcoin Art (r)evolutionAside from celebrating the upcoming tenth birthday of Bitcoin, the Art (r)evolution will also “show the potential of crypto-currencies through symbolism and practice”. Several artworks will contain hidden Bitcoin and upon purchase, the buyers will receive certificates of authenticity registered in the Bitcoin blockchain.

“France, through Paris, is well positioned to become the capital of this new art form by bringing together art and crypto. Crypto Art is redefining the way an artist can engage with his audience. Cryptocurrencies here appear as more than just a monetary revolution but also a cultural revolution,” said Brian O’Hagan, Marketing Manager at Coinhouse, one of the sponsors of the exhibition.

Promoting Crypto Adoption with Art

The overt scope of the exhibition is to raise awareness among people about cryptocurrency and blockchain. But it also attempts to help them make the transition to a new way of looking at money and monetary transactions. Anyone wishing to purchase one of the displayed artworks will have to pay with crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Monero.

“Crypto Art is redefining the way an artist can engage with his audience.”

At the same time, the exhibition will raise – and try to answer –  important questions regarding the role of the artist in the modern world, the way rapport is established with the audience and the means of getting artwork sold without the need of middlemen.

By its nature, blockchain technology promotes traceability and transparency – two important aspects in any supply chain, even that related to the sale of artwork.

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Bitcoin Embodies a New Form of Artistic Freedom

One of the artists and the exhibition organiser, Frenchman Pascal Boyart, explained: “We had the idea to organize an exhibition in Paris to show possible use cases of cryptocurrencies and connect the international crypto-friendly artists.”

Boyart is known for his huge graffiti murals which include Bitcoin QR codes enabling people to make donations directly to him. Familiarised with cryptocurrency since 2014, Boyart believes that the Art (r)evolution exhibition is a “unique opportunity to decode the potential upheavals that cryptocurrency and blockchain can cause in the world of art.”

Crypto Art
“Rembrandt dos au mur” by Pboy; Source: Bitcoin Art (r)evolution
"Filter" by Josephine Bellini Crypto Art
“Filter” by Josephine Bellini; Source: Bitcoin Art (r)evolution

The Art (r)evolution Bitcoin exhibition will be attended by various international artists:

  • USA: Marguerite deCourcelle aka Coin Artist, Josephine Bellini, Andy Bauch,
  • Argentina: Nanu Berks,
  • Switzerland: Mark Bern,
  • France: Youl, Yom de Saint Phalle, Yosh, Ilies Issiakhem, Choq and Pascal Boyart aka Pboy.


“Last Bitcoin Supper” by Youl; Source: Bitcoin Art (r)evolution

The exhibition will be open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm and the entrance will be free of charge.